Born in Los Cerrillos (Uruguay). Belgian citizen residing in Catalonia since 1992. He began studies of guitar and music theory in 1973 at the “Beethoven Musical Conservatory” in Montevideo (Uruguay) with the teacher Blanca Silva y Armas, continuing in 1981 with the teacher Daniel Berrueta at said conservatory.

Between 1983 and 1992 he studied at the “Escuela Universitaria de Música de Montevideo” under the direction of teachers Atilio Rapat, Krishna Salinas, Eduardo Fernández and Ramiro Agriel, obtaining a degree in Guitar. During these years he also studied Composition at this School.

Later, in Barcelona (Spain – 1993) he graduated as Senior Guitar Teacher.

He obtained in 1995 the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Training courses:

– International Guitar Seminar in Los Cocos (Córdoba – Argentina) in 1987, studying with the teachers María Isabel Siewers and Óscar Ohlsen.

– Course with Betho Davezac at the Montevideo University School of Music in 1987.

– Obtains a scholarship by competition to participate as an active student in the XV international guitar seminar held at the “Faculty of Palestinian Music of Porto Alegre” (Brazil – 1988), studying with teachers Horacio Ceballos, Miguel Ángel Girolet and Eduardo Isaac.

– Obtains a scholarship from the Montevideo Music Students Association (Aemus) by competition in 1988.

– Win by competition a scholarship to participate in the “I International Guitar seminar of Montevideo” taking classes with Alvaro Pierri in 1990.

– Between 1994 and 1995 he participated in courses carried out by the Luthier School of Barcelona, ​​taking classes as an active student with José Tomás and as a listener with David Russel. He attends the course given by Eduardo Falú at the Eulogio Dávalos Musical Studio in Barcelona.

– In 1998 he attends as a listener the course given by Álvaro Pierri at the Carrero School of Music in Barcelona.


– Uruguay Guitar Center in 1987.

– Juventudes Musicales del Uruguay in 1988.

– First prize in the “Extraordinary Contest for Instrumentalists” sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Montevideo in 1988.

– Art x art award in CD music: «El latido de la copla» by Gerardo Molina (Rosario, Argentina), June 2005.

He has developed an intense activity as a teacher (in several Institutes of Secondary Education and Conservatories of Music) and as a soloist performing in different cities of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, Belgium; also traveling in the United States to perform in New York in 2009.

In addition to performing as a soloist, he also frequently performs in chamber groups and singers, both with classical and popular repertoire, currently maintaining performances in concerts and events permanently.

As a soloist he has recorded for the Gemecs label and independent productions, a varied repertoire ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary times.

In 2015 he recorded with his own record label The CD «Spanish Guitar» with the Aranjuez Duo (with Pablo Despeyroux) and the CD «Vihuela and Guitar Recital» as soloist, which was recorded at the Pau Casals Auditorium in San Salvador – El Vendrell – Spain.

Several of the already physically released CDs and other more recent releases are now available in digital edition on all platforms.

In addition to being a guitar and vihuela player, he also works as a composer, arranger and producer.

He has collaborated on recordings with different popular music artists and with the poet Gerardo Molina (Uruguay) he shares two CDs, one of which (El latido de la copla) received the art x art award in CD music: El latido de la copla by Gerardo Molina (Rosario, Argentina) in June 2005.

In his concerts he plays with a vihuela built by the luthier Jaume Bosser (Igualada – Barcelona – Spain) and a guitar built by the luthier Paco Marín (Granada – Spain).